Bushfire Risk Assessments and Building Approval Assistance
Property Owners, Businesses & Developers

Servicing Northern Rivers Region Council Areas (Northern NSW)

Helping Property Owners, Businesses & Developers To Make Informed Decisions

Bush Fire Risk Consultants is dedicated to streamlining the development application process in the Northern Rivers Region for property owners, business and developers.

We provide expert bushfire reports and services that help our clients make informed decisions, reduce confusion around regulations and legislation and help fast track the building application process.

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Benefits of Using Bushfire Risk Consultants

  • Help clients make informed decisions before purchasing land.
  • Assist home builders with achieving an environmentally sustainable balance between risk and amenity.
  • Streamlines the development approval process.
  • Helps to reduce time and costs associated with building approval in bushfire-prone areas.
  • Has expert knowledge of the Northern Rivers Region.
  • Has an excellent reputation with the local government area.
  • Understands the different building requirements of the various shire councils: Ballina Shire Council, Byron Shire Council, Clarence Valley Council, Kyogle Shire Council, Lismore City Council, Richmond Valley Shire and Tweed Shire Council.

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How Do We Help Property Owners?

The Northern Rivers is a diverse area that consists of beautiful beaches, subtropical rainforests, mountain headlands, forests and farm land areas; making it a beautiful place to live and work or retire to. Due to its diversity, Home Builders and Property Owners can benefit from employing an experienced consultant, with expert local knowledge and strong connections with the local government area. There are a number of Councils responsible for the Northern Rivers Region and each have very different approaches to building development. Bushfire Risk has a high Development Application approval rate in the Northern Rivers Region. Our expertise is trusted by stakeholders and staff in the local government area and the NSW Rural Fire Service.

Melanie Jackson has a unique blend of qualifications and experience that helps to streamline the development approval process for new and existing property owners.

How Do We Help Business Owners?

Are you concerned that your property does not comply with the current bush fire regulations?

Are you planning to renovate your property or build additional structures?

Bushfire Risk Consultants can provide preliminary assessments, bushfire risk assessment reports and Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates.

How Do We Help Developers?

We assist developers with assessing the suitability and costs associated with developing or subdividing land in a bush fire prone area of the Northern Rivers Region. We offer a range of services that help you make an informed decision and provide Bushfire Risk Assessment Reports for Single Dwellings (s.4.14 formerly s.79BA) to Integrated Developments (100B), Alternate Solution Reports and Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificates.

Bushfire Risk Consultants assess the bushfire risk elements associated with a property or development. We give guidance for all building and planning needs and considerations for sub-divisions, tourism ventures, new buildings and renovations when it applies to the planning and design rules for developments in Bushfire Prone Areas.

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