Bushfire Protection 17 Conference Highlights

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Planning for Bushfire Protection 2017 conference highlights:

  • New Planning for Bushfire Protection 2017 is still many months away and unlikely to be released before April 2018; however will be more regularly updated in future.
  • Bushfire building design showcased Earth Berm houses (Baldwin O’Bryan Architects) affording occupants significantly more benefits due to minimal heating, cooling and maintenance requirements.  They can be more easily designed to provide protection against natural elements such as hail, cyclones, bush fires and flooding. They provide a more efficient use of land in urban settings and will be great for larger properties.
  • RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers presentation mentioned Local Council requirements to consult with RFS currently and in the future Councils may no longer be required to consult in relation to infill developments e.g. 79BA; existing lots, (new builds & alterations etc.) The result for BushFire practitioners will be a greater importance on professional BPAD accredited consultants reports.

Grace Period Announced by RFS:

As a result of the recent Planning for Bushfire Protection 2017 conference, the RFS have decided to provide a grace period Flame Zone situations.

When constructing a new building in the “Flame Zone” (BAL-FZ) be advised that the NSW RFS generally uses the requirements of Australian Standard 3959-2009: Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas as a guide for what is acceptable.

As you would be aware the previous dispensation to allow a non-combustible shutter over BAL-40 windows at BAL-FZ was recently removed.

We have been notified that there will now be a grace period to allow projects that are/were currently underway to proceed where commitments have been made in good faith based on previous window protection requirements. This grace period will cease on 1 January 2018.  Tested flame zone windows and doors will be required for FZ rated buildings after this date (1 January 2018).

Please see this link below for the full RFS communication:


Bushfire Risk Consultants are based in the Northern Rivers Area of Northern NSW and provide quality, professional bushfire reports and services in planning for bushfire protection with an environmental, ethical & customer service focus.

We seek a balanced, positive development application result: reconciling the needs of all parties in bushfire prone areas, delivering a sustainable environment, and mandated bushfire legislation. To discuss your project needs please call Melanie Jackson, Grad.Dip (Bushfire Protection); B.App.Sc (ERM); BPAD-Level 3 FPAA Certified Bushfire Consultant (Accreditation No: BPAD-21977); on 0447 211 375

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